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This community resource is part of United Way’s volunteer initiative. With your help we strive to be the volunteer hub of the Dutchess-Orange Region. As a key element of the Campaign for the Common Good we are seeking increased engagement and stronger partnerships with our business, government and non-profit partners.

Volunteerism is core to the mission of United Way. The Volunteer Portal can connect you to local organizations seeking volunteers to assist with the crucial work they do in our community every day.

Every hour, every minute you give help to someone in need.

Studies show that volunteer hours, valued at $28.04 per hour for each volunteer, add up and save donor dollars allowing more money to go to much needed services in our community.

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Lend your muscle to dozens of vital organizations with unique missions. We are certain the portal will connect you to a cause you are passionate about.

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Why volunteer?

Volunteerism is a great way to take a break from your usual routine, and take the time to consider the communities that surround us daily. With the warm weather quickly approaching, why not consider spending a Saturday morning or a Tuesday afternoon in the sun? 

The impact of volunteerism can be enormous and can reach many people, but only with the help of our volunteers! Signing up to volunteer does not need to be a big commitment; offering even one hour of your time can make all of the difference.  Whether you have never volunteered before, or perhaps it is one of your biggest passions--getting involved through volunteerism is always a fantastic way to kick start your day, and give back to the communities that we often take for granted.   

Volunteering is an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people!  By interacting with community members, you have the chance to hear new sides of the story, and gain new perspectives that you may never have had the chance to consider before.

Leave your mark on your community by getting out there and contributing--no action is too small!


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We Need You Here!

Food Donation Transporter in Ulster, Dutchess or Orange County

“Food rescue” is recovering leftover, unused or unserved foods in edible condition that was otherwise going to waste from retailers, restaurants, manufacturers, growers or dining halls and distributing it to local emergency feeding programs. Often the food is near the “sell by” date, or has surface blemishes making it undesirable on shelves. FeedHV is a food rescue network of food donors (like farms, restaurants and food retailers) feeding agencies (food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, senior centers and more) and volunteers who bring the food from the donor directly to that pantry or soup kitchen in your area, using a free software program to make all the connections happen. Ways to volunteer: "Food runner" Pick up food donation from donor and transport to assigned assisting feeding agency within your specified desired geographic parameters Help with volunteer outreach Sign up to harvest fruit and vegetables left unharvested on farms and deliver to agencies with one of our partner agencies Sign up to process seasonal fruit and vegetables into sauces, soups, stews, or frozen for assisting feeding agencies with one of our partner agencies Sound good? It's fun! You must be 18 years old or older, accompanied by someone 18 years or older. In order to be a food transporter, you must have a car. Please visit www.FeedHV.org/about/ for more information. Right now, we cover Orange, Ulster and Dutchess counties, and Putnam county for harvesting and processing opportunities with one of our partners. Once you sign-up to volunteer and take the food safety quiz, don't forget to download our free Chowmatch app for your smartphone to see available food runs! Simple and easy. Sign-up online to volunteer at www.feedhv.org/sign-up/

Hudson, NY

Through 9/4/20

Home-delivered Meal Delivery

Volunteers are needed to deliver a noon-time meal to seniors on a local delivery route. Meals are picked up at a drop point and delivered to the homes of 3-10 seniors daily Monday-Friday. Time commitment can be as little as one hour per month.

Newburgh, NY

Through 1/1/25

RSVP of Dutchess County

Volunteers needed throughout the county to deliver meals, drive seniors to medical appointments, volunteer at the VA, Hudson Valley Hospice, become an Ombudsman and more.

Poughkeepsie, NY

Through 7/31/20

Client Services Caseworker-Orange County!

-Evaluates needs, provides services and maintains records for clients. -Follow up telephone calls to clients -Refer Clients to community resources -Perform Fiscal Reviews on Client Cases -Conduct final reviews and close Cases Qualifications: -Detail oriented -Good Listening Skills -Patience and understanding when working with individuals from diverse backgrounds -Good organizational skills and attention to detail -Good Oral and Written Communication Skills -Bi Lingual a Plus Extensive Training Provided for all vols! Come join this important team-can work remotely as well!

Middletown, NY

Through 5/31/20

Visual Storytellers (Photographers) for Orange County

Assist the Red Cross in delivering its mission by taking and sharing photos and/or video to showcase the Red Cross at work, both in disaster and non-disaster times. • Collaborate with Communications Leadership to identify and carry out ways to tell the Red Cross story visually • Take photos and/or video at events, trainings and disasters in accordance with Red Cross brand standards • Capture portraits, candids and/or studio shots to tell the Red Cross story of service delivery • Cull, edit, caption and upload your photos/video to online sharing accounts; share select photos in a timely manner (typically same day or within 24 hours) with chapter/regional communications leadership and the social media team • Share photos/video on social media, when appropriate • Coordinate with chapter social media leads to share your team's videos and photos on social media or Red Cross sites. • Treat all clients, volunteers and partners with dignity and respect - always obtaining required photo releases. • Organize and deliver photo/video documentation, captions, quotes and photo releases. During Disasters: • Work with communications team to identify daily priorities to share visual story. • Deploy to the scene to seek out opportunities for photos/videos. Qualifications: • Prior experience in photography and/or video required. • Ability to be on call during disaster situations as needed to manage volunteers and secure photos/videos • Willingness to take photos/video of non-disaster stories • Excellent photography/video techniques and abilities • Ability to upload photos/video to online sites • Ability to meet deadlines - often same day or within 24 hours • Ability to communicate in a friendly and engaging manner • Willingness to interview subjects to provide detailed caption information • Experience with social media a plus • Video editing a plus

Middletown, NY

Through 5/31/20

Visiting, Respite for Primary Caregivers, Telephone Reassurance

1. Visit with a homebound and/or isolate Dutchess County senior citizen. 2. Provide respite for a Dutchess County primary caregiver who is unable to leave the house caring for his/her loved one. 3. Call a Dutchess County senior citizen just to touch base.

Poughkeepsie, NY

Through 1/8/22

Grocery Shopping

Grocery shop for or with a Dutchess County senior citizen who has no other way to obtain groceries.

Poughkeepsie, NY

Through 1/8/22

Volunteer Driver

Drive Dutchess County seniors citizens to the non-emergency medical appointments. You drive when you want and where you want. No pressure.

Poughkeepsie, NY

Through 1/8/22

Book Buddies: GAMS Tech Elementary

Do you love to read? Would you like to help children learn to love reading too? Book Buddies gives adult volunteers the opportunity to read one-on-one with Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade children on a weekly basis right in the school. Last year, 105 volunteers helped over 150 children improve their reading skills and confidence. According to their test scores, 93% of students in the program have improved their reading skills. Principals and teachers have enthusiastically asked our volunteers to return every year and have spread the word to other schools. We are currently recruiting volunteers for 13 schools throughout Orange and Dutchess County including Newburgh, New Windsor, Poughkeepsie, Beacon, Fishkill, Wappingers, and Arlington.

Newburgh, NY

Through 10/1/19

Home Visits and reassuring phone calls with home bound Adults

Jewish Family Service is looking for volunteers to provide home visits with home bound adults and to make reassuring phone calls to home bound adults living alone. Volunteering is flexible 1-4 times a month. Spend some time playing a game, doing a puzzle, reading, cooking, sewing, or visiting with older adults. All ages are welcome. Spending time with neighbors in your community is as rewarding for our volunteers as it is for our neighbors. All volunteers are Trained during a two part training. Training is offered throughout Orange County. Must have your own transportation. Background checks are included. All ages are welcome

Middletown, NY

Through 5/6/20

Grocery Shopping for Homebound Adults

The Friendly Visitor Program in Orange County is seeking Volunteers to grocery shop for home bound adults living in your community. Volunteers will need their own transportation. A match will be made for volunteers to meet with neighbors who need groceries and either go to the store for them or accompany them to the store. Volunteers will be given a grocery list as well a form of payment to pay for the groceries. Volunteers average 1-4 times per month.

Middletown, NY

Through 5/6/20

United Way Nonprofit Mentor

United Way is seeking Nonprofit Mentors with experience, expertise and/or interest in helping coach local nonprofits. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals interested in lending their time and talent to help build capacity for nonprofits across Dutchess and Orange Counties. A great opportunity for retirees, graduate students or anyone wanting to make an impact in the community! Desired Skills Include: - Experience with management, volunteers, grant research and writing, administrative tasks and/or accounting. - Flexible availability to work one-on-one with a nonprofit organization. - Desire to see nonprofits reach their full potential and better serve our local community. Examples of some tasks may include: - Working with the organization to establish a system for recruiting, managing, and/or training volunteers. - Assist employees with skills related to development work, fundraising, grants and compliance. - Helping to establish new organizational practices and processes. United Way will place each Mentor with an interested nonprofit. The Mentor and the nonprofit will establish a schedule and task description that is mutually beneficial for both parties. Questions? Call Melissa Clark 845-471-1900 ext. 3128 or mclark@uwdor.org

Through 6/12/23